My Blog Story


TraceBakes.comI’m Trace Kingham, married to Brad for 14 years now, we’ve adopted two children, Nicholas (12) and Donavan (8). Our dog Bentley, is a Sheepadoodle, (not snickerdoodle) and two cats, Bentley and Harley.  I love baking, ever since I can remember, I’ve been baking, for county fairs, to the Ohio State Fair! It was great fun working with my mom on a number of great bakes, pies and cakes. After all it runs in the family, my granny used to enter into County Fairs in rural Ohio, where I grew up, and her mom! So it’s a family tradition of amateur baking for as many generations as I can remember.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog about my passion for baking, but until now, never had the nerve. So it begins and I’m super excited to share my amateur baking journey in the real world of raising a family, earning a living as an event planner and trying my best to stay healthy all along the way. No matter what may be happening, I try to carve out time to bake, experiment with ingredients that help me and my family stay on the health track, but it’s not easy, however it’s worth it! Baking for me is creating something from nothing and seeing it come to realization, just like an event, but on a much quicker timeline.

My goal with this blog, share the great, the bad, the interesting and the ugly. I’m looking to keep it as real as possible so that anyone interested in baking, or wanting to eat delicious baked goods on a strict diet plan or those whom shy away because of the fear not being “perfect” can garner some insight on how, when and why it’s a good time to bake!