I’m Trace Kingham, amateur baker, author, event planner and now blogger! I’m super excited to share how you can love baking and find ways to fit it into a hectic schedule or raising kids, working full-time and staying healthy.

I live with my family in St. Petersburg, Florida with my husband Brad and our two sons, Nicholas and Donavan. We round out the family with our dog Bentley and two cats Baxter and Harley.

I work as an Event Strategist for Non Profit Organizations www.eventdesign.expert. I’ve been planning events for over 25 years now and I love to throw a great party. And, baking fits right into a “great party” for me personally. You can’t have a great party without great baked goods!

I’m an amateur baker with the passion for baking since I can remember. Baking is my hobby, actually my passion and obsession now! I can’t get enough and I’m always learning and finding ways to grow as a baker. Now, if I can do it and find the time, so can you.